Privateer Place Frequently Asked Questions

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

The health and wellness of our residents is our top priority, please see below for more information.

Are there individual leases?

Yes! Each applicant completes their own application and lease and is responsible for his/her own rental installments. We offer individual liability leases.

Do you allow pets?

No, Privateer Place does not allow pets.

Do you allow service animals?

We sure do, please contact the on-site team for more information about registering your animal.

How long are the leases?

We provide Academic (August - May) and Full Year (August - July) leases. For our students who wish to extend their lease or arrive early we have a Summer option (June & July). Current residents who will be graduating mid-year also have a Fall option (August - December).

Do you provide roommate matching?

Come to us with friends in mind or allow us to match you up-- your choice! We give the power to choose your unit and roommates in your application. We can also match you up with a compatible roommate based on the profile you complete in the application process. *unit and roommates subject to change without notice

All furnished apartments have a sofa, chair, end table, and coffee table in the living room. 2 bedroom apartments have a full sized bed, desk, chair, and dresser with four drawers in each bedroom. 4 bedroom apartments have a twin xl bed, desk, chair, and dresser with four drawers in each bedroom.

Are the apartments furnished?

Our 2 and 4 bedroom apartments are fully furnished. Our Efficiencies are unfurnished so students can design their space to fit their needs.

Are utilities included?

Yes! Electric, gas, water, and trash collection are all included. UNO students can access the UNO ICT system via ethernet. Residents who are interested in Wi-Fi or cable can activate this service through our local partner, Cox.

Is there onsite Maintenance?

Yes, we have a great maintenance team to address your needs. Have an issue after-hours, we have a on call team ready to assist.

How much is housing at UNO?

Prices vary based on floor plan and lease term. For more specific information, please call our office at 504-224-8761.

Are UNO dorms Co-Ed?

Privateer Place offers special accommodations in our Efficiencies for married couples, families, or parent/child pairings. Siblings, cousins, or other family groupings can request special accommodations in our 2 bedroom apartments. We also work with special requests for gender neutral housing. Please contact the office for further assistance at 504-224-8761.

Do you accept students from other universities?

Yes! The University of New Orleans welcomes full time students from local colleges and universities. You will be asked to provide proof of enrollment each semester that you live on-site.

Are residents required to have a meal plan?

No! At Privateer Place you will have a full sized kitchen and be able to prepare your own meals. However, you are still able to utilize on-campus food services if you do so choose.

Does Privateer Place meet the University of New Orleans's on-campus housing requirement?

Yes! Privateer Place is located on UNO's campus and consequently meets the on-campus housing requirement.

Am I able to use my financial aid to pay for housing?

Many of our students receive financial aid (loans, scholarships, and grants) which are paid directly to the student. You are able to use these to pay for housing once they are distributed to you. Many students find our 12 and 9 month payment plans more manageable than the lump sum payment often required by other housing options.

Can I cancel my lease if I am not admitted to the university?

We recommend waiting until you are admitted the university prior to signing our lease agreement as it is a legally binding contract.

How do I know where my room is located within the community?

All our unit numbers are written in the following format: 0315A. The first two numbers indicates the building. The second number indicates the floor. The final number indicates the apartment. The letter indicates the individual bedroom. The example given is building 3, first floor, apartment 5, bedroom A.

What do I do if I get locked out or need assistance after office hours?

We consistently have an RA on call who can be reached after hours at 504-810-9121 for lock outs, noise disturbances, maintenance emergencies, etc.

Do you have on-site staff?

We have two managers, one officer, and ten resident assistants who all live on-site.